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RIMPAC exercise in Pearl Harbor: Indian Navy participating with stealth frigate INS Shivalik

The live ink desk. Indian stealth frigate INS Shivalik, deployed in the South China Sea and North Pacific Ocean, is participating in the ongoing naval exercise Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) in Pearl Harbor, USA. It is the world’s largest naval exercise. This naval exercise will continue till July 7.

Pearl Harbor is a famous port of the United States of America, ten km northwest of Honolulu in Hawaii Island. It is also a deep-water naval base. Pearl Harbor is also the headquarters of the US Pacific Fleet. The RIMPAC exercise was inaugurated on June 27.

During the exercise, many seminars, exercise planning, sports competitions and mutual deck visits will be participated. The sea phase of RIMPAC is divided into three sub-phases, wherein the ships will undertake basic and advanced level integration exercises in the first two sub-phases.

The RIMPAC exercise will conclude with a theatre level tactical exercise. Aircraft carrier warships, submarines, maritime reconnaissance aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, remotely piloted surface ships and special forces landing operations of multinational navies will also participate in the exercise.

The aim of the exercise is to promote interoperability and build trust among the navies of friendly countries. Navies of around 29 countries led by the US Navy are participating in the exercise.

The participation of INS Shivalik in the exercise, which will take place 9000 nautical miles off the Indian coast, is a testimony to the Indian Navy’s capability to operate in any part of the world. INS Shivalik is an indigenously designed and built 6000-ton guided missile stealth frigate.

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